Heat wave

Today it rained. I think the heat wave we’ve had beats the 1976 records.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been at my most productive in the mornings, before the sun gets round to the back of the house and makes the studio hot. I’m not a lover of hot weather. In England the heat usually brings with it humidity, and together with the levels of pollution here in the south, it is a most uncomfortable heat. By lunchtime I’ve given up and gone looking for a cooler spot.

The hot summers I’ve been in, in France are different. I have worked next to a roaring garden bonfire when the daytime temperature has been 40C, and it has not been unpleasant. The atmosphere was dry, and relatively unpolluted. It really is a ‘different kind of heat’. The local gendarmerie told me to put the fire out. Not the done thing during the summer, apparently.

The rain kept me indoors, but I completed three projects. They aren’t for these pages, but they’ll appear somewhere else, later. So, it was a good day!

I am always open to offers, and if you want a picture of your house, or shed, or whatever, that is not quite true to life, but conveys the soul within, please get in touch … kpm.writer@gmail.com will do it.