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Waiting for a bus

Strange time, this Covid lockdown thing. I took a commission just days before it all started, but the buyer didn’t need it until July. So, as usual, I got on with the task and it spent over two months sat in my dining room waiting.

No other commissions arrived, so I kept the flow going with a couple of miniatures and some other arty projects – abstract experiments. Then I decided to draw an interesting house from across the county. As soon as I started, I was approached for another commission.

Luckily for me the house from across county was sold within days of going on-line. So sales have been like buses – you wait for ever, and three come along at once!

This is the Toll House at Gunnislake, Cornwall

This is the house that waited patiently to be delivered, a Devon longhouse with other buildings around the yard. Artistic licence used here.

The third commission is on its way to the new owner and will be shown on this site once they have seen it.

Now what time is the next bus?

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