Poetry revisited

In December 2020 I was pleased and proud to have been chosen to illustrate a book of humorous poetry, written by Dianne Phillips-Zito. At the time I didn’t reveal any of the cartoons inside, but it seems like an opportune moment to do so now. Just a taster – you’ll have to buy the book to see the others. It is available on Amazon.

The first one shows two old ladies in a care home arguing over something. Could it be the attentions of the old feller watching … or something else?

Next, this lady is cleaning the oven while a picture of her old man smiles down. He looks full of himself. What is going on?

This bloke seems to be making his escape across the outback in an old jalopy . Who’s he on the run from?

The things we do for love. Wet suits are not the most flattering outfits!

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