Old school


This is certainly ‘old school’, and probably in the most idyllic location. It Hyde School in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK, near Fordingbridge and is surrounded by the heathland typical of the area. It was established in 1885, and its new intake will be 10 pupils.



Last of the boats for now. This is ‘Emily’, one of two vessels that run the Hamble to Warsash ferry crossing. Known locally as the pink ferry due to its conspicuous colour. The earliest recorded ferry at this location is 1493. Nowadays the ferry runs from 0900 – 1700 daily. Find our more at www.hambleferry.co.uk

Vital Spark

IMG_0716 2

Definitely not a gin palace. The Vital Spark was a fictional steam vessel, a type known as ‘Clyde Puffers’. She was created around 1905 by Neil Munro. Puffers provided supply links around the coast of western Scotland and the Hebrides Islands. She first appeared on TV in 1959 in the series, ‘Para Handy – Master Mariner’.

Motor yacht


Here, on the south coast, there are lots of pleasure boats, some are rather plush and expensive – ‘gin palaces’. One or two have been known to put to sea, occasionally, but many seem to sit at their mooring and play host to parties.



Entering a nautical phase – my take on ‘Irene’. Built in 1920 of mahogany and oak, she was in service mainly on the Norfolk Broads, and rivers Ouse and Thames. She is now available for private hire at the Bodiam Boating Station, on the River Rother in Kent.

12a (Sold)


Many people avoid the number 13, triskaidekaphobia. The owner of this property lives at No12A, but has she avoided being number 13? The house sits between numbers 12 and 14, so whatever the label it is the thirteenth house in the road.

So, it must be her lucky number, she gets this great picture for her home. Let me know if you’d like a portrait of your home, or favourite building.

No 10


No 10 – but not Downing Street. This one is for me, 10 Rue du Bois Goulard, Le Bourgneuf, Deux Sevres. It was my own little piece of heaven.

Maison de Deux Sevres


This house is in Deux Sevres, France, just across the border from the Vendee, and in the beautiful Gatine Hills. It is typical of the region, with its thick stone walls and tiled roof.