I’ve been experimenting with abstract art and to get a finished piece that you are pleased to look at is not as easy as it seems. This 10″x8″ canvas has been through a number of incarnations before arriving here as ‘Summer Heatwave’.

It was created during the heatwave of 2022 when a plume of hot, Saharan air engulfed the country for a few days, breaking the British maximum temperature record by exceeding 40C, making it a good excuse to stay indoors and paint.

Tamar class lifeboat

This is different from my usual pen and ink, it’s not a building, and it’s not wonky.

This commissioned work is acrylic on 10×12 canvas board. It depicts a Tamar class RNLI Lifeboat.

Although I often work with acrylics on mdf and greyboard, those works are more ‘crafting’ and 3D articles (see my Kim – splash it! blog here on WordPress). Working on the textured canvas, with crafters’ acrylics was a totally different experience, but a learning curve worth the trip.

So, here it is, soon to be in the post to its new owner. Let me know what you think.