Secret Santa

These are a collaboration with Julie for a secret Santa gift. The only criterion, to be handmade.

Spoons have been given as gifts for hundreds of years: the carved Welsh, Scandinavian, and Romanian lovespoons, painted spoons from Russia, ceremonial spoons form Africa, rice spoons from Philippines, and many others.

So we thought these an ideal present for the occasion.


Christmas Cards ’22

This year our cards are simple black ink on a white background, the artwork mounted on a black mat. Here they are ‘in-progress’, I have yet to add words. Each one will be appropriate for the recipient, not everyone will be celebrating Christmas, so I will consider greetings for Yule, the Winter Solstice, and any other suitable occasion.

White 250gsm cards with envelope, each unique design is in black Unipin fine liner of varying size.

One in the Duchy

Another special house drawn, for a special occasion, with details only the owner will appreciate. This one is located in the Duchy of Cornwall, where scones are served the ‘right’ way. (That’s jam first, cream on top – next door in Devon they do it the ‘other’ way. Discussion?)

I have availability for commissions for Christmas (!) so don’t wait too long.

From Bad to Verse – revisited

Do you remember, back in December, I posted about Dianne Phillips-Zito’s book of light-hearted poetry, From Bad to Verse and that I supplied the illustrations? Well, here’s a bit more information for you – seeing as that certain time of the year is approaching and you will be needing ideas for presents.

It is available from Amazon (like most things) and is an ideal stocking filler – From Bad to Verse by Dianne Phillips-Zito

These are some of my favourite illustrations from her book:

This poem is about domestic disputes in care homes, and how sometimes a little mis-communication goes a long way.

Things don’t always go to plan – well, not the plan that the boss had. But sometimes you have to wait for the right moment.

And the things we do – or don’t – for love.