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Waiting for a bus

Strange time, this Covid lockdown thing. I took a commission just days before it all started, but the buyer didn't need it until July. So, as usual, I got on with the task and it spent over two months sat in my dining room waiting. No other commissions arrived, so I kept the flow going… Continue reading Waiting for a bus


Catching-up : June 2019

Since my last post in January, there has been a lot going on - so much that I've forgotten to post!Our son moved out leaving Julie and I free to re-assess our situation. So we did. We moved house, from central southern Hampshire to north Devon. It has been a long process. We had to… Continue reading Catching-up : June 2019

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What is Pen and Lens Artwork?

Pen and Lens Artwork is the coming together of a team that has been working as one for many years. This web site is our temporary home until a custom site can be built. The initial ideas for the team is the formalisation of the production of whimsical house designs. Julie, as 'the Lens', spots… Continue reading What is Pen and Lens Artwork?