There’s no place like Home

There are records dating back to 1650 for this Devon cottage. The modern extension is what used to be ‘the stick store’, presumably where firewood was stored, now kitchen/diner with bedroom and balcony above. It is also recorded as being the place where ‘the pauper in the stick store’ resided, according to census records. Apparently, as a family home the younger couple and their children occupied the main house – and grandma was relegated to the stick store. 

And now my wife and I call it home.

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Image is drawn with dip pen and acrylic ink, enhanced with graphite pencil shading. A4 size.

Miniature cottages

The wooden miniatures are hand made by Collette Stacey, of Cosy Cottage Designs, but after my wife had bought one I decided it looked so cute it needed to be set in its proper surroundings.

Not wishing to infringe any copyright issues, I contacted Collette to ask if it was OK to produce drawings from her original miniatures. She agreed, and full credit is given to her for the designs – the caricatures are my interpretation of how they might look in ‘real life’.

The only question remaining is, do I colour them? What do you think?