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Lockdown lateness

This lovely house was ordered as a Christmas present to celebrate moving to a new home, but because of lockdown restrictions it wasn't received until until the person's birthday. So another happy customer, and I can post it for you all to see.Do you know someone who has moved to a new home?

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Once upon a time …

... long, long ago, well that's how it seems! We are unable to post pictures of our Christmas commissions yet, so how about a bit of history.We first got serious about art and craft in 1994, when we took over a business running ceramic art classes - we called it 'Studio Minerva'. The shop was… Continue reading Once upon a time …

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There’s no place like Home

There are records dating back to 1650 for this Devon cottage. The modern extension is what used to be 'the stick store', presumably where firewood was stored, now kitchen/diner with bedroom and balcony above. It is also recorded as being the place where 'the pauper in the stick store' resided, according to census records. Apparently,… Continue reading There’s no place like Home