Life is a circle

One of my early commissions, three years ago, was ‘The Shed’. It was the new workshop of Karen of @karensquilts. All sorts of ‘additions’ appeared – Cheryl, the crow; Lance, the good knight; Treacle, the family’s late cat – and a strange dog who was who was, perhaps, a premonition of Arthur, the cockapoo.
Karen has now moved to Devon, and for her special birthday, I was commissioned to draw her new home. This is the barn, The Old Granary. And Karen and Ray now have a real Arthur to keep them company.

The Shed
The Shed – from 2018

The Shed – the story

A recent commission has been delivered, and the customer is pleased with the result.

Karen Barclay of Karen’s Quilts had a new studio built in her garden. She asked me to draw ‘The Shed’ so that she can use the illustration on her business cards and blog.

Featured in the picture are; Karen, Treacle the cat, Oliver the dog, Cheryl the crow, and Lance the knight.

You can read Karen’s side of the story, and compare it with the real shed here. The chalet/workshop/shed was made by Tuin, a Dutch company supplying quality buildings. The story about it’s delivery and construction will appear on Karen’s blog soon, too.

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