From photograph to bespoke pen-drawn images.

We will produce a caricature of your house that brings out the hidden character of even the most mundane architecture.

From an estate agent’s flier, dated 1983, this picture recreates childhood memories, and includes 1950 style ‘Crittall’ windows, and the family cat

We start with a photograph of your house, either yours or we can take them if appropriate. Tell us what you like about your house – or dislike – and we work with that information.

The quirky likeness is drawn using traditional pen and ink. Usually it is A4 size, and presented in a simple black frame.

Not only … but also …

We create photographs to inspire. This can be in the form of greetings cards, or inspirational affirmation cards for mindfulness meditation or daily thoughts.

Commissioned Cards by Pen and Lens Artwork
Cards commissioned for Christmas

Images are collected from nature, or created in the studio, then adapted for each specific use.

Look through our portfolio pages for more examples, the email kpm.writer@gmail.com to discuss your commission requirements.