Pen and Lens Artwork Ltd sample design

The team is the formalisation of the production of whimsical house designs. Julie, as ‘the Lens’, spots suitable buildings for the ‘Pen’ treatment and photographs them. Kim produces the pen and ink line drawings from the ensuing images. 

Checkout the Portfolio pages for examples of what we do.

Some of the designs are made in to rubber stamps for crafters. For this we use the renowned manufacturer, Chocolate Baroque, where the stamps are available under the heading ‘Kim Moody’. 

We are happy to receive commissions for such work. Examples can be seen on the Instagram page@kpm.illustration and @penandlensartwork. Email: kpm.writer@gmail.com

We are researching the production of various photographic products for use in colour therapy healing. Details of these will be released as they come to fruition.

Please contact me at kpm.writer@gmail.com if you need any more information, and to commission a house caricature.


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