Hi, my name is Kim.BADFAblack

I have a few blogs that cover the different things I do; writing, decorative art, and motoring. The difficulty with that is where to direct visitors who want to find out more. So this is the solution. A central point from where you can link to whichever site you wish – and return to go somewhere else.

The art and writing overlap. I am the editor for the Decorative Folk Artist, the newsletter of BADFA (The British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts). The motoring is just for fun.

In the late 90s my wife, Julie, and I ran a ceramics studio near Southampton, UK. I travel-taught around south and east England and was an ambassador for Duncan Enterprises’ products. The recession took it’s toll and we had to find ‘proper’ jobs.

I am now back as an artist/instructor. BADFA is the link that is my inspiration for the change.

I write whatever is needed, I enjoy flash fiction – stories of less than 500 words – and have had a few published, but mostly it’s non-fiction like the BADFA newsletter. I have completed the NaNo Challenge twice, and take part in the Writers Online One Word Challenge as often as I can.

Click around a bit, visit and leave a comment. It will great to see you. Email me at kimpm (at) tesco (dot) net for more information.

Sites: ScratchypenkimsplashJourney of a thousand miles



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